About ETH Bucharest

Igniting the Ethereum Eastern European Hub

Join us at ETH Bucharest, where global builders connect to shape Ethereum's destiny.

We will unite community enthusiasts and hackers, fostering connections, sparking innovation, and bridging the future.

Builders, hackers, contributors, enthusiasts, communities, executives, degens, and regulators will meet, greet diversity & have fun under Bucharest’s roof.

ETH Bucharest is not just an event; it’s a movement empowering creativity, bold ideas, and meaningful connections in the heart of Eastern Europe.

Discover Bucharest's rich culture & dynamic vibe, best known as the Little Paris.



TEAM Members

Speakers Lead


Event management lead


Co-Founder & Operations Lead


Co-Founder & Business Development Lead


Co-Founder & Communications Lead






Legal Advisor


Creative Director


Hackathon Operations Lead


Accounting Advisor


Social Media Specialist


Volunteers Lead


The Venue


Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd., No. 4-6, Bucharest - Romania

The venue is situated in the north side of Bucharest and grants easy access to transportation, metro (Pipera), bus and tram stations to all important destinations.

Metro Station

Tram Station

Bus Station

Uber / Bolt


Confirmed POOL PRIZE worth over 57.000 USD!

Join us to shape Ethereum's future

Welcome to the Ethereum Bucharest Hackathon! Our mission is to inspire innovation and collaboration within the Ethereum ecosystem. We offer two exciting tracks: the "Open Track" for creative freedom and the "Bounties Track" to solve real-world challenges.


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The ETH Bucharest conference will cover key blockchain topics, including privacy solutions, business innovation, finance disruption (DeFi and asset tokenization), governance models (like DAOs), digital ownership (NFTs and metaverse), and strategies for mass adoption through user-friendly interfaces and education.

Explore the latest advancements in blockchain privacy solutions that are reshaping the digital landscape. Learn about privacy coins, zero-knowledge proofs, and decentralized identity management systems that empower users to control their digital footprint.

decentralized systems

Privacy Solutions

Discover how blockchain is revolutionizing traditional industries and fostering innovation. Top industry leaders and entrepreneurs will share insights on how blockchain is driving efficiency, transparency, and new business models.

efficiency with blockchain

business innovation

Gain unparalleled insights into the future of blockchain in finance. From decentralized finance (DeFi) to tokenization of assets, discover how blockchain is disrupting the financial industry and reshaping the way we invest, borrow, and trade.



Explore the evolution of blockchain governance models and their impact on decentralized ecosystems. Learn about DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and the democratization of decision-making in the blockchain space.


governance models

Dive into discussions on digital asset ownership, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse. Understand how blockchain technology is redefining the concept of ownership and enabling new forms of creative expression.

NFTs & metaverse

digital ownership

Discover strategies for mass adoption as we explore the challenges and opportunities in onboarding new users into the blockchain space. Learn about user-friendly interfaces, educational initiatives, and projects driving blockchain accessibility.

blockchain accessibility

Onboarding strategies


Day 1



10:00 AM

Doors OPEN

10:20 AM

Mix and Mingle

11:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

11:10 AM

Mihai Alisie (Akasha)


AKASHA: Decentralized Autonomous Worlds for smarter communities

11:40 AM

Limone.eth (urbe.eth)


Social media protocols

12:00 PM



Sebastian Bănescu (Quantstamp), Gonçalo Sá (Consensys) mod. Mykola Siusko (Web3Privacy Now)

12:40 PM

Daniel Luca (Eden Block)


Doppelganger Networks: a primer, innovation and risks

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Iosif Peterfi (Ethernity Cloud)


Driving innovation by tapping into your developer instinct

2:20 PM

Angus Tookey (Chronicle)


DeFi has a data problem

2:40 PM

Building better social foundations: networks for collaborative communities PANEL


Mihai Alisie (Akasha), Limone.eth (urbe.eth), Lorenzo Patuzzo (Akasha), Andreea Cia (ETH Bucharest) mod. Joshua Bate (DeSci World)

3:20 PM

Simon Engel (SAP)


Crypto Adoption in Enterprise

3:40 PM

Funding the future: VCs PANEL


Rene Darmos (Moonhill Capital), Victor Florea (Outlier Ventures), Daniel Luca (Eden Block), Mihai Grigore (Messari) mod. Robert de Groot (ETH Bucharest)

4:20 PM

Sasha Tanase (Threshold Network)


Making Product Development Rock with Awesome Developer Experience (DX)

4:40 PM

Onboarding the next billion: integration of web3 in everyday life PANEL


integration of web3 in everyday life PANEL - Felix Crisan (Netopia Payments), Francisco Pinto (Request Network), Mircea Gavriliu (Sablier), George Grama (Atlas Navi) mod. Stanisław Koper (Weaving web3)

5:20 PM

Sabin Simionescu (Tokero) - Crypto Literacy


Prerequisite in accelerating adoption and ushering in the New Age of Finance

5:40 PM

Stilyan Mitrev (Consensys)


Building for Success: The Importance of User Needs in web3

6:00 PM

Brandon Williams (Sleap.io)


Web3 + AI = next gen hotel booking platform


11:40 AM

Paulo Fonseca (proposals.app)


Governance is messy

12:00 PM

Michael Ionita (AutoTrading.VIP)


Algo Trading Cryptos - How it can help 95% of retail

12:20 PM

MiCA Regulation: The Future of Crypto Exchanges and Financial Compliance PANEL


Kyrylo Khomiakov (Binance), Sabin Simionescu (Tokero), Sergiu Vasilescu (VD Law) mod. Flavius Jakubowicz (Jassil)

1:00 PM


2:00 PM



Logan Voice (Nothing Square), Lazlo Sabo (Kiln), Endi Ungureanu (ETH Bucharest) mod. Daniel Tămaș (WAM)

2:40 PM

Sorin Anagnoste (Fabiz, ASE)


On 2024 and beyond

3:00 PM

Dragos Mihalte (Nerif Network)


Is Using Web2 to Automate Web3 a Mistake? Exploring Why & What to Do Next

3:20 PM

Tim Bansemer (inblock.io)


AQUA Protocol - Scaling with Privacy

3:40 PM

Maxim Legg (Superchain)


Decentralised Infrastructure

4:00 PM

WEB3 marketing PANEL


Tom Boyle (Jukebox 3.0), Petru Popa (Zeta360), Alexandra Nicorici (OOO), Martin Breuer (Pinax) mod. James Rae (AdvocateAgency.io)

4:40 PM

Marija Mikić (Attic42)


Elliptic Curve Pairing Stealth Address Protocols

5:00 PM

Andrei Voinea (proposals.app)


How to make, break, and make all over again a web3 startup

5:20 PM

Pavel Fedotov (Dspyt Inc.)


Zero Knowledge proofs on Mina, zkPassport and SoulBound NFTs

5:40 PM

Joshua Bate (DeSci)


Creating a knowledge backed economy with DeSciWorld and Proof of Knowledge

6:00 PM



Ioan-Alexandru Mirea, Alexandra Zorilă, Maria Stănescu

Day 2



10:00 AM

David Truong (x23.ai)


Deciphering DAOs: Insights from Off-Chain Dynamics

10:20 AM

Corina Dolghier (Beehive Consulting)


The Psychology of Users for Growing Your Community & Brand

10:40 AM

Andreea Buterchi (Veridise)


Privacy Leakages in ZK: Keeping the Knowledge at Zero

11:00 AM

Bianca Buzea (Lukso)


Enabling Innovation: The Developer Community Catalyst

11:20 AM

Mariano Cortesi (Celo)


Mariano Cortesi (Celo)

11:40 AM

Sebastian Rodriguez (Polygon ID)


Open Data, Data Spaces, RWA, CDBC...and Identity

12:00 PM



Bruno Miranda (ChiliBangs), Amy Wilkinson (Wallet Connect), Eva Grigore (01Node), Tanja Mladenovic (ETH Belgrade) mod. Dayana Aleksandrova (Activated Marketing)

12:40 PM

Paul Brody (EY)


Ethereum for Business

1:00 PM


2:00 PM



Paulo Fonseca (proposals.app), Bogdan Arsene, Disruption Joe (Thrive Protocol) mod. Sergiu Drăgănuș (Ludo)

2:40 PM

Josef Je (PWN)


Cryptonative economy

3:00 PM

Pioneers navigating through crypto cycles PANEL


Blidaru Mihnea (CryptoAlphas), Vlad Stoica, Andrei Brătucu (CryptoVineri) mod. Sergiu Vasilescu (VD Law)

3:40 PM

Mihai Grigore (Messari)


What's Real in 2024

4:00 PM

Demystifying Legal and Tax in web3


Sergiu Vasilescu (VD Law), Flavius Jakubowicz (Jasill), Luca Dejan (VD Law)

4:20 PM

Ethereum in web2 PANEL


Paul Brody (EY), Simon Engel (SAP), Chaals Nevile (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) mod. Martin Schmidt (Q Protocol)

5:00 PM

CLOSING CEREMONY + Hackathon Awards Ceremony


10:00 AM

Andrii Bondar (Matter Labs)


Bring the magical experience to the blockchain products

10:20 AM

Daria Volkova


How can companies provide exciting brand experiences with Account Abstraction?

10:40 AM

Lazar Bucan (Cookbook.dev)


Find Any Smart Contract with Cookbook.dev

11:00 AM

Daniel Savu (Hyperlane)


Modular Blockchains and Permissionless Interoperability

11:20 AM

Andra Fecioru (TokenFlow)


State and Storage - DIFFerent Blockchain Analytics

11:40 AM

Dmitry Chernukhin (Lido)


How to EIP-4788

12:00 PM

Gonçalo Sa (Consensys)


(Breaking) Circuits on Ethereum

12:20 PM

Pol Lanski (Dappnode)


MEV Smoothing Pools - a No Brainer for the Solo Staker and Small LSDs

12:40 PM

Raoul Schaffranek (Runtime Verification)


Using a solidity debugger to explore time and space

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Mario ETH


The Journey of securing over $5B in assets

2:20 PM

Santiago Zuluaga (ChainSafe)


Increasing Developer Adoption with web3 plugins 🧩

2:40 PM



Ornella and Tetranome

3:40 PM

Martin Schmidt (Q Protocol)


Enhancing cryptoeconomic systems: the imperative of shared governance security

4:00 PM

Jimmy Zhao (BNB Chain)


One BNB: Taking the Next Billion Users to Web3

4:20 PM

Denis Igin (Diva Staking)


Integrated DVT: The new staking frontier


Mihai Alisie is one of the early pioneers in this space.

Mihai created Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 together with Vitalik Buterin and in late 2013 he joined Vitalik as one of the original 4 Ethereum Founders.

Following the successful Ethereum launch in 2015, Mihai founded AKASHA to research and develop systems for freedom of Mind and human connection.

Co-founder Ethereum & Founder Akasha

Mihai Alisie

As a full-stack engineer at Sablier, Gavriliu Mircea blends technical skill with business savvy, evidenced by his Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and ongoing Master's in Management and Business Communications.

His tenure at Ubisoft showcased his prowess in creating efficient digital solutions. Mircea's passion for blockchain began in university, where he developed a minimal PoW blockchain, innovatively automating bureaucratic tasks.

A dedicated tech enthusiast, he's deeply engaged in the evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Fullstack Engineer at Sablier

Mircea Gavriliu

Andrei Vlad Birgaoanu, the Solidity/Smart Contracts Lead at Sablier, is a tech geek known for his role in pioneering the Branching Tree Technique (BTT), a testing specification framework.

His passion for building infrastructure and contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem are rooted in his background in Computer Engineering, where he earned his degree by developing a DEX platform.

Lead Solidity Engineer at Sablier

Andrei Birgaoanu

Paul Brody is the Global Blockchain Leader at EY (Ernst & Young) since 2015, overseeing the firm’s blockchain strategy and solutions, including the OpsChain tokenization platform and Blockchain Analyzer analytics tools.

As a prominent advocate for public blockchains and privacy technology, Paul has led EY to develop the Nightfall privacy-enabled Ethereum Layer 2 network and the Starlight zero-knowledge compiler, both contributed to the public domain and the Ethereum community.

Before joining EY, Paul held various roles at IBM, including Electronics Industry Vice President. He began his career at McKinsey & Co. in Los Angeles and holds a degree in Economics and a certificate in African Studies from Princeton University.

Principal & Global Blockchain Leader at Ernst & Young

Paul Brody

Flavius Jakubowicz is a trailblazer in financial consulting, revolutionizing the industry with his innovative approach and passion for excellence. As the Executive Partner and co-founder of JASILL, a dynamic professional services firm based in Romania, he brings over 15 years of expertise in taxation, accounting, and business advisory services to the table. With a keen eye for innovation and a drive to exceed expectations, Jakubowicz is known for his ability to develop customized solutions that help clients navigate complex tax and regulatory environments with ease. He is a certified tax consultant who is not afraid to dive deep into the details to ensure that his clients receive tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

Managing Partner at Jassil

Flavius Jakubowicz

Former Founder, CEO & CTO with 11+ years of leadership experience and a passion for making large tech-teams more efficient.

Michael worked for and consulted big industry leaders like Mobfox (#1 mobile advertising platform), Walls.io (#1 social media aggregator) and DappRadar (#1 dapp data platform) and re-shaped their engineering teams, saving $2.6M/y and increasing revenues by on average 60% for his clients.

Currently Michael is the Founder & CTO of AutoTrading.vip, a service for algorithmic trading of crypto assets including exceptionally profitable automated trading strategies to use out of the box.

Founder & CTO AutoTrading.VIP

Michael Ionita

Kevin Jones is a Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node working on The Graph protocol as well as an active member of the Buidl Guidl where he is focused on developer advocacy and education for Scaffold-ETH, a toolkit for building and prototyping dapps on Ethereum quickly.

Developer Relations Engineer, Edge & Node / Buidl Guidl

Kevin Jones

Corina is a founder, coach, events host, mentor and consultant with 6+ years of experience in marketing and sales. She has been in the DeFi space for 3 years, previously at The Defiant and MakerDAO. She is currently a mentor at Ekolance and Hypernest DeFi Accelerator and previously studied Business at Copenhagen Business School.

Founder Beehive Consulting

Corina Dolghier

Daniel Savu is a Software Engineer on the core team behind the Hyperlane, an interoperability protocol connecting EVM, Solana VM and CosmWasm chains. Prior to this, he was an engineer at Interlay, the first trustless Bitcoin DeFi hub, a top Polkadot parachain. He holds a Computer Science MSc from Imperial College London

Software Engineer at Hyperlane

Daniel Savu

Sasha Tanase Luca is the co-founder of the Web3UX user panel and the Head of Design Research for Threshold Network and tBTC. In the past she was the Head of Design for Alethio/ConsenSys, an Ethereum Data Analytics Platform and SelfKey, a self sovereign identity wallet.

Always with one eye on the end user, she is dedicated to interrogating biases, and using qualitative user research to inform her design decisions.

Head of Design Research at Threshold Network, TBTC, WEB3UX

Sasha Tanase Luca

Andreea is the co-founder of ETH Bucharest. She plays a key role in Graph AdvocatesDAO, focusing on community building, content creation, and event management. Her career journey includes roles as a Country Manager for Oracle Academy, followed by a position at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Andreea graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors from her Masters in Geopolitics and Business Administration, and has been passionately involved in academia with a focus on research about Cybergeopolitics.

Co-founder of ETH Bucharest

Andreea Cia

Andrei Voinea is a Full Stack Developer at proposals.app, driven by a passion for technology and innovation. With a background as a former Principal Engineer at a major automotive corporation and co-founder of what he calls a “failed” startup, Andrei now delves into the exciting world of web technologies, web3, and entrepreneurship.

Full Stack Developer at proposals.app

Andrei Voinea

Andrii Bondar is a User and Developer Experience Designer at Matter Labs (zkSync), with prior experience in crypto exchanges and AI applications. He's been in the blockchain industry since 2017, blending technical prowess with a keen eye for user-centric design.

User and Developer Experience Designer at Matter Labs (zkSync)

Andrii Bondar

A seasoned crypto activist, Angus has been building in the space since 2018. Founding a successful digital marketing agency in London, UK, Angus went on to lead marketing for the Telos Foundation as his first foray into blockchain, followed by executive roles at Starter International and TKYO Labs, and later joining MakerDAO to lead the public launch and growth of the second largest Oracle, Chronicle Protocol.

Marketing Strategist at Chronicle Labs

Angus Tookey

Bianca Buzea, a former Web2 FAANG Solutions Architect, has transitioned into the realm of web3. As the Head of Developer Relations at LUKSO and the visionary founder of DevRel Uni, she pioneers innovative approaches to developer relations in the Web3 landscape. Bianca is a frequent presence at various Web3 events globally, captivating audiences with her insightful talks, engaging panels, and informative presentations on developer relations and the evolving Web3 ecosystem.

Head of Developer Relations at LUKSO and founder of DevRel Uni

Bianca Buzea

Daniel Luca, aka CleanUnicorn, is a leading figure in the Ethereum community, blending technical prowess with a keen eye for innovation. Acting as Tech VC at a crypto-focused venture company Eden Block (edenblock.com), he's at the forefront of blockchain technology, specializing in development, security, and smart contract development. With a deep understanding of Ethereum and a passion for blockchain's future, Daniel is known for his ability to navigate and articulate the complexities of emerging technologies, such as Doppelganger Networks. His insights are invaluable to anyone looking to understand or invest in the blockchain space, making him a respected and influential voice in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Technical Lead at Eden Block

Daniel Luca

Daria Volkova award-winning Product Marketer, Brand Manager and Communications Expert. In the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, since 2017, Daria has been leading marketing and branding in payment providers, crypto exchanges and infrastructure blockchain projects.

She focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem, revealing its capabilities and prospects for mass adoption. She creates educational content about Web3 culture, business and marketing. Daria is a Golden Contributor to the Ethereum Writers Cohort.

Product Marketer, Brand Manager and Communications Expert

Daria Volkova

Gonçalo has dedicated 20+ years to research cybersecurity in a grey-hat fashion and is a co-founder of Creed and the ConsenSys Diligence offensive security team. With an academic background in Aerospace engineering, Gonçalo has also spent 10+ years building startups from the ground up in disparate areas (AdTech, BioTech, Mobile).

Co-founder of Creed and the ConsenSys Diligence offensive security team

Gonçalo Sá

Josef Je is the founder of PWNDAO and a core contributor to organizing ETHPrague and EthereumZurich, where he drives collaboration and innovation within the Ethereum community.

Founder of PWNDAO

Josef Je

limone.eth is a pioneering force in the world of web3 and frontier tech, celebrated not only for his role as a community builder but also for his impressive track record of winning several hackathons. As the co-founder of Urbe.eth and the driving force behind ETH Rome, Limone has dedicated himself to nurturing and expanding the Italian web3 developers community.

Co-founder of Urbe.eth


Paulo Fonseca, Co-Founder at proposals.app, designs tools for DAO enthusiasts. With a background in co-founding ventures like SenateLabs and RnDAO, he's deeply immersed in the DAO community, having initiated, joined, and dissolved multiple DAOs.

Co-Founder at proposals.app

Paulo Fonseca

Santiago is a dedicated developer relations who loves helping others learn about blockchain development and explaining complex technical terms into digestible 'bytes.' He is into dApp and smart contract development, and as a web3.js DevRel, his main goal is to onboard as many developers to get started building web3 applications in the Ethereum ecosystem.

web3.js DevRel

Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga

Sebastian Rodriguez Cabrera is the Vice President of Product for Polygon ID at Polygon Labs. With over 25 years in the tech industry, Sebastian has led product development across startups and Fortune 100 companies. His background is in computer engineering, though his interests are deeply rooted in philosophy and social studies. This unique combination fuels his approach to innovative product strategy.

Vice President of Product for Polygon ID at Polygon Labs

Sebastian Rodriguez Cabrera

Sergiu Draganus is the CEO at Ludo, renowned for his role in architecting Ludo.com, GeoRanker.com, CryptoCoin.PRO, and BoostIT.com. Passionate about Web2 and a firm believer in Web3, he has transitioned from a domainer to a SaaS founder to a prominent Web3 investor and founder.

CEO at Ludo

Sergiu Draganus

Simon Engel is a Cross-Product Manager and Product Strategist at SAP, responsible for driving cross-product management and strategy across SAP's solution areas. Previously, he served in roles within the Cross Product Engineering & Experience Area and the SAP Product Engineering Board Office, focusing on strategic customer and partner engagements. Simon began his journey at SAP with vocational training and holds a bachelor's degree in business information technology from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW).

Cross-Product Manager and Product Strategist at SAP

Simon Engel

Stilyan Mitrev began his career in corporate environments while exploring Web3 as a hobby. In 2021, he transitioned into the space professionally by joining a metaverse-focused DAO. Today, he serves as a Product Manager for VillageDAO at Consensys, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation in decentralized communities.

Product Manager for VillageDAO at Consensys

Stilyan Mitrev

Sergiu is the founder and Managing Partner of VDLaw Group, advising clients with IT&C projects in areas such as tech, fintech, e-commerce, digital media, blockchain, cryptocurrency, privacy and data protection. Educated in an entrepreneurial spirit at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Sergiu is strongly skilled in anticipating potential cross-disciplinary risks and regulatory and technical issues. Moreover, Sergiu has gained extensive experience in private investments, pharmaceuticals and medical-related legal issues.

With a strategic business approach, Sergiu offers one-to-one business legal advice for the top management of leading Romanian tech companies. His work includes dealing with blockchain, fintech and crypto projects, listed companies, data and privacy issues, contracting with innovation partners and clarifying regulatory matters on technology supply, licensing and implementation. Sergiu regularly participates as a speaker at tech and fintech events and as a mentor for fintech hackathons.

Managing Partner at VD Law Group

Sergiu Vasilescu

Marija Mikić is a Senior Researcher specializing in cryptography and zero-knowledge research at Attic42, where she has been instrumental for three years. Additionally, she holds key academic roles at the University of Belgrade, serving as Head of the Department of Differential Equations and as an Assistant Professor. With a background in theoretical mathematics, Marija's doctoral work has significantly advanced mathematical understanding. Her dual roles underscore her dedication to driving innovation and progress in cryptography and academia.

Senior ZK researcher at Attic42

Marija Mikić

Valerian is a Senior Research Engineer at Quantstamp, specializing in security audits for a wide range of Web3 projects, including DeFi, NFTs, and bridges, across different ecosystems such as EVM, Solana, and TON. With a background as an IT Auditor at Societe Generale, Valerian led numerous audit missions across Eastern Europe prior to joining Quantstamp. His expertise in both security engineering and auditing underscores his commitment to ensuring the integrity and safety of decentralized systems.

Senior Research Engineer at Quantstamp

Valerian Callens

Felix Crisan is a tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He co-founded Ronin and serves as CEO at NETOPIA Payments, while also leading research at MultiversX. With a strong focus on blockchain technology, Felix stays abreast of industry trends and developments, driving innovation across his ventures.

CEO at NETOPIA Payments

Felix Crisan

Martin is a key initiator of the Q Protocol, a groundbreaking layer 1 blockchain revolutionizing shared governance security in Web3. With a full-time commitment to crypto since 2017, he co-founded Q Development AG, dedicated to supporting the Q Protocol. Additionally, Martin co-founded Postera Capital, responsible for Europe’s first regulated crypto fund.

Prior to his immersion in blockchain, Martin forged a career at the intersection of finance and technology, serving as CFO of a digital mobile service provider and a corporate finance consultant with a Big 4 firm. He holds a Bachelor’s degree with 1st class honours in Business Studies from Bayes Business School, London, and an MBA from IMD, Lausanne. Martin is a CFA and CAIA charterholder and certified investment expert in Germany.

Co-initiator at Q Protocol

Martin Schmidt

Nelson is an accomplished HR strategist and leader with a demonstrated history of guiding teams and shaping human resources to align with organizational vision. With extensive experience leading HR functions for diverse global business units, Nelson has excelled in implementing group-wide HR processes that resonate with business operations and product strategies. His expertise in advising senior executives on crucial HR matters has been instrumental in strategic decision-making.

Nelson played a key role in developing comprehensive employee lifecycle processes that have enhanced effectiveness and elevated the employee experience. His collaborative approach with executives ensures seamless integration of HR strategies with business goals, setting a benchmark in HR excellence. Nelson's keynote will offer valuable insights into transformative HR practices essential for success in today's dynamic business environment.

Global Head of HR at Gate.io

Nelson Lopez

Victor-Cristian Florea began his journey in the blockchain ecosystem at IBM's Blockchain division, where he developed solutions for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) catering to high-profile clients. Transitioning into web3, he explored roles as a developer, venture capital analyst, and founder within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) space. Currently, Victor-Cristian is a valued member of the Product & Engineering team at Outlier Ventures, the leading web3 accelerator. In this role, he has collaborated with hundreds of founders over the past year, contributing his expertise to drive innovation and growth within the web3 community.

Product Engineer at Outlier Ventures

Victor-Cristian Florea

Denis Igin is a seasoned leader with over two decades of strategic leadership experience. With a profound passion for entrepreneurship, he has demonstrated a proven track record in building and scaling tech products. Transitioning from a multiple-time founder to a dedicated believer in web3 technology, Denis is currently driving Diva Staking's market entry with a steadfast commitment to professionalism, innovation, and excellence.

Product Marketing at Diva Staking

Denis Igin

Laszlo Szabo, the co-founder and CEO of Kiln, is a distinguished French entrepreneur with a proven track record in the industry. Leveraging his expertise in recruitment from his initial venture, Szabo has adeptly assembled a team of top professionals and experts at Kiln. Today, his leadership is instrumental in driving innovation and developing intuitive products within the web3 realm.

CEO and Co-founder at Kiln

Laszlo Szabo

Pavel Fedotov, also known as pfedprog, is a seasoned Full Stack Blockchain Developer specializing in decentralized applications within Ethereum and Mina ecosystems. Within the ArbitrumDAO, Pavel plays integral roles in grant allocation, project development, and governance, amassing 13 million $ARB votes in a recent procurement committee election.

His significant contributions extend to Pin Save, a decentralized social media platform powered by Mina blockchain and o1js, aiming to enhance content interaction speed and introduce NFT standards to Mina ecosystem. Pavel's PinSave MVP on EVM achieved 20,000 OP during retroPGF3, underscoring his profound impact in the blockchain community.

Founder and Full Stack Developer at PinSave

Pavel Fedotov

Mario Eth is a distinguished security researcher with over four years of dedicated experience in web3 security research. His expertise and perspective in this field make him a formidable force in ensuring the integrity and safety of digital ecosystems.

Security Researcher

Mario ETH

Lazar Bućan, Ambassador at Cookbook.dev, is a seasoned blockchain enthusiast with a journey that began in 2017 through crypto trading. Transitioning into the realm of play-to-earn gaming, Lazar established a business offering scholarships to underprivileged players. Now, he brings his expertise to Smart Contract development, serving as a dedicated advocate for blockchain's potential as an Ambassador at Cookbook.dev.

Ambassador at Cookbook.dev

Lazar Bućan

Andra blends her rich background in data and AI with a keen interest in blockchain technology at TokenFlow, where she's is transforming how we understand and interact with blockchain data.

Leveraging her experience from building traditional Web2 data-centric AI platforms to the dynamic world of Web3, Andra passionate about developing products that tackle complexity head-on, enabling scalable insights. Currently, she focuses on making blockchain analytics accessible and actionable, contributing to the ecosystem's growth and transparency.

Lead Product at Token Flow

Andra Fecioru

Dayana Aleksandrova is a renowned global Web3 marketer, distinguished course creator, and captivating TEDx speaker. Her passion lies in collaborating with founders to breathe life into their projects through expert copywriting, strategic branding, and fostering vibrant communities.

Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, Dayana traverses the globe alongside her partner Jay Rae, embodying a commitment to exploration, innovation, and global connectivity.

Web3 Marketer & Copywriter at Activated Marketing

Dayana Aleksandrova

Jimmy Zhao is a seasoned Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain, leveraging over a decade of diverse experience in system and infrastructure development. Leading the design and implementation of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, Jimmy focuses on translating business needs into technical requirements, collaborating closely with dApp and Infrastructure projects.

His extensive background spans notable roles at Alibaba, HSBC, Huawei, and IBM, showcasing his prowess in the payment, finance, and technology sectors. Jimmy's significant contribution to the opBNB system and ecosystem development demonstrates his commitment and contribution to accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology.

Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain

Jimmy Zhao

Tetranome serves as the Design/Content Lead at Bankless Academy, spearheading the creation of an on-chain journey designed to inspire and empower explorers of the cryptoverse. Leveraging his extensive experience in the games industry, he actively contributes to disseminating blockchain knowledge and tools through dynamic, community-centered approaches.

Bankless Workshop Academy


Ornella Vallana aka OrnellaWeb3, is the Marketing & Community Lead at Bankless Academy, a free and interactive open-source web3 education platform that provides the essential tools and knowledge needed to ‘go bankless’. She also hosts DAOnboarding, a podcast sharing stories of contributors in web3. With a diverse background of over 15 years in community building, marketing, and branding across fields such as science, music, and now web3, she is focused on democratizing access to blockchain knowledge, particularly through multilingual education.

Ornella champions the idea that everyone, even those from the most diverse fields or skill sets, can learn about web3, discover their Ikigai, and become a BUIDLer in the space. Her commitment to decentralization and inclusive education drives her to change the narrative around crypto and blockchain, emphasizing its potential as a public good and fostering community-led initiatives that can bring a new future for younger generations.

Bankless Workshop Academy

Ornella Vallana

Heinz Martin Breuer is a creative and web3 professional with a diverse background in arts, activism, and music. After earning a Master's in Oil Painting from the Art Academy Düsseldorf, he spent over 15 years in Asia, facilitating cultural exchange programs between Europe and Asia. Around 2015, Heinz delved into web3, exploring Bitcoin, Ethereum, and smart contracts. He organized Crypto Meetups, fostering learning and discussion. In 2018, he joined Pinax as Regional Director for Asia, later becoming VP of Marketing, focusing on human-centric web3 and global decentralized governance.

He's actively engaged in the web3 community, serving in DAOs and as a community engagement lead for Pomelo. In spring 2023, Heinz joined the Graph Advocates program, deepening his commitment to advancing decentralized solutions.

VP of Marketing at Pinax

Martin Breuer

David Truong, the visionary founder of x23.ai, is dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of web3. Prior to founding x23.ai, he played a pivotal role as a developer on the Aave Genesis team in 2020 and contributed to the growth of Coinbase in 2015.

David's groundbreaking contributions to DeFi are noteworthy, having pioneered the first mainnet collateral swap and designed dynamic bonding curves as early as 2018. His innovative spirit and technical prowess were evident even earlier, with his creation of apps boasting millions of downloads in 2013. David continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the blockchain space, driving forward the evolution of decentralized technologies.

Founder at x23.ai

David Truong

Logan Voice is a Web3 Developer and CTO of the Nothing Square project, engaged in Ethereum and Solana blockchains. He is driven by the ambition to surpass annual personal goals and remain at the forefront of digital trends. Enthusiast and honored to contribute to the development of the crypto space, particularly in mastering the ERC20/721 and the hybrid NFT's creating process by involving his experience into ERC-404 standard.

CTO at Nothing Square

Logan Voice

Tom Boyle, the dynamic Chief Marketing Officer at Jukebox, is a multifaceted individual with a passion for innovation in the digital space. Renowned as a host on Spaces, he shares his insights on emerging trends and technologies. With a keen eye for the potential of web3, Tom serves as a trusted advisor in navigating its complexities. As an NFT enthusiast and influencer manager, he is deeply immersed in the world of digital assets and online communities.

CMO at Jukebox

Tom Boyle

Dragos Cristian Mihalte, Co-Founder & COO of Nerif Network, brings over 12 years of experience in the financial industry, notably as Risk and Project Manager Director at UBS and RBS. With an additional 14+ years in startups, he possesses a wealth of expertise in entrepreneurship, real estate, and operations. Dragos is recognized for his role in bridging the gap between crypto/DeFi and traditional financial markets, exemplified by his creation of a 'Business, Risk, and Compliance Framework' for digital assets platforms.

Co-Founder & COO at Nerif Network

Dragos Mihalte

Bruno Miranda, Founder & CEO of Chilibangs, is a visionary entrepreneur based in Lisbon, Portugal. He leads the largest Web3 community in Portugal, passionately connecting people with consciousness and technology. Bruno's commitment to inclusive growth and empowerment is evident in his organization of weekly Web3 gatherings and his role as the Portuguese Ambassador for prominent international Web3 projects. Starting as a grassroots community, Chilibangs has grown into a transformative force, attracting visionaries, artists, and innovators united in their mission to effect positive change. Bruno's dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion is further exemplified through his organization of the Web3 Women Summit Lisbon.

Recognized as a leader in the Web3 space, Bruno's contributions extend beyond Chilibangs. As a respected speaker at global conferences and an organizer of hackathons, he continues to shape the future of Web3, driving innovation and collaboration across the industry.

Founder & CEO at Chilibangs

Bruno Miranda

Taylor Caldwell is a passionate advocate for onchain developers. As a Senior Developer Advocate on Base, he plays a key role in building a thriving developer ecosystem by enhancing the developer experience and driving the ambitious goal of onboarding one million developers onto the blockchain.

Senior Developer Advocate at Base

Taylor Caldwell

Kyrylo has more than 15 years banking, financial services and fintech. Before Binance, he worked for the government of Ukraine as Head of Infrastructure Projects Agency and CEO of a blockchain software development company. His target at Binance is to help local regulators build effective crypto regulation and continue driving the strong Binance success in the region.

Regional Head CEE/CIS/ Baltics/Balkans at Binance

Kyrylo Khomiakov

Iosif is a visionary cumulating over 20 years of experience filling cornerstone tech infrastructure roles at US Department of Defense and Max Planck Digital Library, he now leads the innovation within the Decentralized Confidential Computing field.

Founder and CEO of Ethernity Cloud

Iosif Peterfi

Sabin Simionescu serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Tokero, a forefront blockchain platform transforming digital asset trading. With a doctoral degree in computer science, Sabin is a distinguished technology leader known for his innovative prowess. He leads Tokero's technological advancements, emphasizing scalability, security, and user experience.

Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Tokero

Sabin Simionescu

Brandon is a web3 and cryptocurrency professional, renowned for his impactful tenure as Growth at DeLabs (DeGods / Y00ts). Over four years in the industry, he has excelled in driving growth and establishing strategic partnerships and has a deep understanding of blockchain technologies and innovative community engagement strategies.

Head of BD at Sleap.io

Brandon Williams

Sebastian co-founded Chainproof Digital Asset Insurance Ltd, the world's first licensed insurer for non-custodial smart contracts and slashing risks. He is also the Managing Director of Quantstamp Germany GmbH. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich. Before joining Quantstamp, Sebastian worked as a security specialist at large enterprises such as BMW, Philips, and Deloitte.

Head of Insurance at Quantstamp

Sebastian Bănescu

Razvan Popescu is an engineer, creative thinker, and active contributor to 1Hive.org. With experience as an Ex-Gitcoin Eligibility Lead, he played a crucial role in optimizing grant allocation, saving over $1 million. Passionate about Regenerative Finance and Public Goods initiatives, Razvan advocates for sustainability and community-driven decision-making. Since 2020, he has been fully committed to advancing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as a means of fostering positive change in the blockchain ecosystem.

Contributor and Grant Program Manager at Arbitrum DAO

Răzvan Popescu

Francisco Pinto is a Protocol Lead at Request Network, specializing in digital dispute resolution. With a background in project management and process engineering, he previously served as CEO at XCROW. Francisco holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and is dedicated to driving innovation in protocol development and project leadership.

Protocol Lead at Request Network

Francisco Pinto

George is a serial software entrepreneur with two successful startup exits in transportation apps. He leverages his extensive experience to serve as an EU expert advisor on transportation, smart-city, and connected vehicles legislation. Additionally, George mentors at the USC Incubator at the University of Southern California, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in their startup journeys.

Founder and CEO of Atlas Navi

George Grama

Mihnea, formerly a business owner, transitioned into crypto trading and now leads the largest crypto-related community on Telegram in Romania. With a deep understanding of the crypto landscape, he serves as a Lead Advisor at Atlas Navi, offering valuable insights and guidance in navigating the crypto markets.

Owner of CryptoAlphas

Blidaru Mihnea

With a career spanning back to the 90s, Chaals has been instrumental in shaping Web standards and contributing to Ethereum standards for over five years. As the Technical Program Director at the EEA, he has unified various working groups and played a pivotal role in editing several key standards, driving innovation and interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Technical Programs Director at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Chaals Nevile

Joshua is the founder of DeSci World. With previous experience in DeFi since 2020, where he played pivotal roles in sales, business development, and community growth. With DeSciWorld, his mission is to bridge informal asymmetry and empower a people's knowledge revolution.

Founder at DeSci World

Joshua Bate

Mihai is the Director of Research at Messari, where he leads a team covering base layers, mid-layer infrastructure, DeFi, and consumer trends. Before joining Messari, Mihai had a successful tenure as a tech entrepreneur and gained valuable experience in AI working at UBS and Swiss Re. With a solid foundation in computer science and mathematics, he earned his PhD in information systems from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Director of Research at Messari

Mihai Grigore

Daniel, an award-winning serial entrepreneur based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is a pioneer in gaming startups since 2007. Co-founder of WAM, the world's first hyper-casual esports platform on blockchain, and Gamerina, revolutionizing avatar creation. His consultancy extends to esteemed clients globally, leveraging his expertise in digital systems and business.


Daniel Tămaș

Raoul leads the Simbolik team at Runtime Verification. He holds a M.sc in Computer Science from RWTH University. He wrote his master thesis about compositional modeling and fully automated verification of distributed systems and formalized his findings with the Isabelle proof assistant. Before joining RV, Raoul worked for more than eight years as a software engineer for the German software company graphodata AG. Raoul considers programming a human-centric rather than machine-centric activity, and he firmly believes that we should build modern programming languages and verification tools upon this perspective.

Formal Verification Engineer at Runtime Verification

Raoul Schaffranek

Andreea Buterchi holds MSc and BSc degrees in Computer Science from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania. She currently serves as the VP of Engineering at Veridise, specializing in securing the blockchain ecosystem using formal methods. Andreea has research and industry background, with previous roles at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems and Amazon.

VP of Engineering at Veridise

Andreea Buterchi

René has 16 years of experience in management roles, including multinational corporations such as Red Bull and Unilever. He has more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 8 years of experience as a crypto investor with an extensive network of contacts and partnerships, built also thanks to hosting a crypto podcast. René manages the day-to-day operations of Moonhill Capital, overseeing its growth and taking care of all key strategic and administrative decisions.

Managing Partner at Moonhill Capital

Rene Darmos

With 5+ years as a Software Engineer, Iaroslav is now a Blockchain Engineer at Sablier. Skilled in C++ and C#, his current tech stack includes Rust and Solidity. Initially a Security Auditor for Sablier's Smart Contracts, his dedication led to a full-time position. Despite being new to the domain, he eagerly learns and collaborates on innovative Blockchain solutions at Sablier.

Blockchain Engineer at Sablier

Iaroslav Mazur

Alexandra has been working with early-stage tech startups and scaleups for more than a decade taking on roles as Head of Marketing and business dev and partnerships, having helped a marketplace become number one in its industry in less than 12 months, as well as raising 1 M $ in crowdfunding for a tech startup in less than 3 hours. She is now part of different Web3 communities of marketers, founders and builders and drives the Web3 marketing trends and branding conversation through her Out of Ordinary podcast.

Web3 Marketer & Podcast Host at OOO Consulting

Alexandra Nicorici

In crypto since 2018, Mariano has been in tech since 2004. An entrepreneur and technology expert, he has dedicated over 4 years to working on Celo, specializing in blockchain infrastructure.

Head of Engineering at cLabs / Celo

Mariano Cortesi

Pol Lanski is a blockchain industry veteran and decentralization maximalist. Lanski has been active in the space since 2014, starting out by mining dogecoin because he was late to mining big papa Bitcoin. He is currently the project lead at Dappnode, the easiest way to run web3 nodes, and a builder at dOrg, the first DAO ever registered as an LLC. He hosts the dOrg Hot seat podcast too! In addition, Lanski has played a key role in launching several groundbreaking projects, including Hermez (now Polygon zkEVM) and Giveth, and was teaching tokenomics and ecosystem design at DAOEducation.

COO at Dappnode

Pol Lanski

Amy is a web3-native marketer who’s been helping brands in the space since 2020, supporting a diversity of projects — like Radix DLT and WalletConnect — in developing and nurturing their communities. From building audiences of 40,000+ for keynote events to onboarding 100K+ users onto new products within the first month of launch, Amy has worked on an extensive range of strategies, initiatives, and campaigns that encapsulate the need for web3-oriented marketing.

Growth Marketing Manager at Wallet Connect

Amy Wilkinson

For seven years, Eva built a web2 digital marketing agency and combined her studies in applied ethics and philosophy with her passion for the world of decentralization. The result of the last 3 years was the ability to build communities and promotion strategies in web3.

Marketing specialist at 01Node

Eva Grigore

Vlad Stoica, an Angel Investor & Entrepreneur, has been active in the crypto ecosystem since 2017, investing in over 500 projects before their public launch. Initially considering a career in law enforcement, Vlad's passion for crypto led him to delve deeper into the industry, where he discovered and invested in leading projects early on. Beyond traditional investing, he also ventured into private sales for projects like Chainlink and Fantom. Motivated by his growing community, Vlad launched a YouTube channel to share his knowledge and experiences, focusing on educating his audience about crypto investing and financial literacy.

Angel Investor & Entrepreneur

Vlad Stoica

Sorin Anagnoste is an Associate Professor and Vice-dean at the Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages (FABIZ) within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE). He teaches strategy, online business models, and technology entrepreneurship subjects. Sorin is a finance guy by heart with over 15 years of experience in large companies, where he covered managerial positions in both finance and strategy.

Strategy Professor at FABIZ

Sorin Anagnoste

Tim Bansemer has a background in network engineering and IT security since 2010. Since 2017 he has engaged activly with the Ethereum community. Founding his blockchain service and consultancy company inblock.io assets GmbH in 2018 supporting projects like Ethereum Swarm and other infrastructure projects. He is also founder of the DGOV Foundation inititive which explored forms of distributed governance in the Ethereum Ecosystem by providing a forum with conferences and gatherings for dabates and ideas in 2018-20.

In the last years he has reassessed the Ethereum ecosystem to provides solution and perspectives to mature the original vision of Ethereum (aka make Ethereum more cyberpunk again) to use it as a baselayer for new forms of collaboration and institutions. He is reangaging with the Ethereum ecosystem to share the results of his work in the form of the AQUA Protocol and his insights around data governance and distributed governance.

CEO at inblock.io

Tim Bansemer

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Superchain, Max is an innovative leader driving the technical vision to achieve Superchains mission: The Immersive Web3 Environment. Passionate about creating decentralised applications having already built key infrastructure pieces and founding a mining pool and validator.

Founder/CTO at Superchain

Maxim Legg

Dmitry is an integral member of the Community Staking Module Team at Lido, where he contributes significantly. The team's primary objective is to enhance Lido's accessibility for solo stakers, prioritizing features like permissionless entrance. Leveraging his extensive background in mathematics and automation, Dmitry plays a crucial role in achieving these goals.

CSM Team Contributor at Lido

Dmitry Chernukhin

Luc specializes in Developer Relations, currently contributing to Ethereum Name Service. His previous role as a Researcher at V3X Labs and experience in software development consultancy highlight his expertise. Luc is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and fostering developer communities.

DevRel at ENS

Luc van Kampen

Petru is an accomplished entrepreneur who has propelled over 20 startups to success, securing vital funding in the process. With expertise in Fintech and BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service), he achieved a notable exit from a decentralized communication startup utilizing the Matrix Protocol.

As the founder of Zetta Group, Petru has specialized in pioneering custom software for over a decade and decentralized storage solutions for more than four years. His commitment to innovation and strategic vision has solidified his position as a leader in the industry.

Founder of Zetta360

Petru Popa

Tanja is the co-founder of ETH Belgrade and Unusual Sour. She is the go-to person when you need answers on “who, what, where, when, and why” in the web3 landscape. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Science, she immersed herself in the tech industry. Tanja forged her experience as a branding expert working for tech giants. After a corporate career, she co-founded Unusual Sour, a web3 marketing agency, and last year, she co-founded ETHBelgrade.

Co-founder ETH Belgrade/Unusual Sour

Tanja Mladenovic

Activist & researcher behind Web3privacy Now think-tank. Spent 10 years serving surveillance capitalism & Fortune500 companies. 5 years advocating for decentralized stack: on-chain digital government in UAE, IP-management within NEAR ecosystem, Layer0 at Nym. Building "IMDB" for privacy. Interested in decolonization, radical futurism & ethical community building.

Activist & researcher at Web3privacy Now

Mykola Siusko

Lorenzo is a visionary entrepreneur, social observer, and collective intelligence activist dedicated to fostering positive change within communities. As the founder of Akasha Hub Barcelona and Green City Lab, he drives innovative solutions for sustainable living and community empowerment. With a hyperactive creative mind, Lorenzo facilitates cross-disciplinary collaborations, inspiring local proactiveness and social impact. As the Local Impact Leader at Akasha Foundation, he amplifies initiatives promoting grassroots change, embodying a commitment to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Local Impact Lead at Akasaha

Lorenzo Patuzzo

Andrei Bratucu, Manager at CryptoVineri, is a notable figure in the cryptocurrency space. Known as a Youtube personality, he embraces his "degen" persona by choice.

Manager at CryptoVineri

Andrei Brătucu

With a background in corporate procurement, sales and hospitality, Maria has developed a keen interest in the intersection of AI, blockchain, and mental health. Having studied business innovation, she is passionate about exploring how emerging technologies can redefine and enhance mental well-being. Through both technological advancement and mental health advocacy, Maria hopes to be part of projects that drive positive change by leveraging new emerging tech to facilitate faster diagnosis and treatment methods.

Mental Health Advocate at Saneverse

Maria Stănescu

Dr. Ioan Mirea is a Psychiatry resident at the Clinical Psychiatry Hospital "Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia" in Bucharest and is currently pursuing a PhD in Analytic Philosophy at the Doctoral School of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. Dr. Mirea is actively engaged in the Medical Humanities group in Romania, where he spearheads workshops and events aimed at medical students. His primary interests lie in the philosophy of medicine and psychiatry, as well as the integration of theater and dramatic arts into medical education. Additionally, he has been involved in numerous interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of medicine, performing arts, and philosophy. Notably, Dr. Mirea serves as the scientific lead of the SaneVerse project, an innovative metaverse experience driven by artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking initiative offers users a unique platform to explore and enhance their mental health and well-being in a technologically advanced digital environment.

Psychiatry resident at the Clinical Psychiatry Hospital "Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia"

Ioan-Alexandru Mirea

Alexandra Zorila, PhD student at University of Bucharest (Faculty of Philosophy) and member of The Research Center in Applied Ethics (CCEA). Her research interests focus on personal narrative identity in biomedical contexts, with an emphasis on the relation between identity-constituting narratives and agency.

She was part of the ENHATEC research team (enhatec.ccea.ro) and she authored/co-authored papers on the effects of bioenhancement technologies on the individual’s personal identity, authenticity and perceived agency as well as the integration of these effects into identity-constituting narratives. She also took part in public debates about the dystopic/utopic narratives related to technology and the way they are culturally constructed.

PhD student at University of Bucharest (Faculty of Philosophy) and member of CCEA

Alexandra Zorila

Bogdan studied political philosophy during a time when Facebook started to alter the default course of global politics. He has since then, for the better part of a decade, been unsuccessfully prototyping internet-native governance structures. This continued failure comprises most of his identity. While by no means an innovative founder, he probably does have one or two interesting things to say about designing and coding DAO structures.

Smart Contracts Developer & Philosopher

Bogdan Arsene

Event hosts

James is a marketer and Web3 agency Founder with a decade of experience representing household brands in Web2. Transitioning to Web3 in 2021, he served as CMO for GratefulDAO, leading successful NFT projects and raising $2.2 million. He later took on a Community Lead role at BeInCrypto, strengthening global crypto communities across 14 countries.

Passionate about financial inclusivity, James joined ReDeFi as a Marketing Manager, contributing to the growth of their marketing team and campaigns. Currently, he consults for various DeFi projects and acts as CMO for iPal, a directory for Web3 organizations and startups.

Founder at AdvocateAgency.io & CMO @ iPal

James Rae

Dayana Aleksandrova is a renowned global Web3 marketer, distinguished course creator, and captivating TEDx speaker. Her passion lies in collaborating with founders to breathe life into their projects through expert copywriting, strategic branding, and fostering vibrant communities.

Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, Dayana traverses the globe alongside her partner Jay Rae, embodying a commitment to exploration, innovation, and global connectivity.

Web3 Marketer & Copywriter at Activated Marketing

Dayana Aleksandrova

With his background as a Ph.D. student in Engineering and as the founder of Weaving Web3 podcast, Stanislaw brings a wealth of expertise spanning academia and the dynamic world of blockchain.

PhD student & Co-founder of Weaving web3

Stanisław Koper

Abel has a diverse background, transitioning from semi-professional sports to leading roles in the Web3 industry. As the Founder & CEO of GrowthAXUM, they empower developer-facing blockchain product and protocol teams with tools and insights for effective growth. With experience in product and growth management, they've contributed significantly to companies like ConsenSys and IndexCoop, as well as founding or being an early builder of projects like GraphOps and Liquity.app. As a participant in the EF accelerator and host of the GrowthAXUM podcast, AbelsAbstracts.eth shares valuable insights into growth challenges and opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem.

CEO & Founder of GrowthAXUM

Abel Tedros



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